With the weather turning warmer, it’s a great evening to take a walk around the neighbourhood. We’re heading out — do you want to come along?

A mural on the side of the Thousand Islands Playhouse.

Stepping out your front door at 129 South Street, you can immediately smell the fresh breeze sliding off of the St. Lawrence River. Today we’re walking along the waterfront with a picnic in hand, so we turn to our left and start out along South Street.

As we walk, we can see the Thousand Islands Playhouse — both its smaller Firehall Theatre and the main Springer Theatre. The Firehall Theatre is right next door to us, and we’ve heard that this season at the Playhouse is really great — just like always.

Blue and Yellow House on Charles Street South.

The first intersection we reach is Charles Street South, just past the Playhouse. Across the street, you can see a bit of the lively character of the neighbourhood in a blue and yellow house — but we’re going south, towards the waterfront today. Down towards the red boathouse at the end of the street, we join paths with the Gananoque Walking Trail System and turn to our left to keep following along the water.

Red Boathouse

The ground is soft, easy to walk on, and the trail leads us along the bank of the St. Lawrence towards our destination. It’s only about a city block of walking before we reach the shady picnic area, just a stone’s throw from the shore. That’s where we’re going to have our picnic with our friends or family — or maybe even just a quiet picnic alone, enjoying the view of the river and peace of living on the riverside.

Boathouses on the waterfront

Afterwards, maybe we’ll go for a walk along the River Trail and lose our worries beneath the trees before we make our way home. Or maybe we’ll simply head back home, sit back in our favourite chair, and watch the sunset over the river from our own suite — our little slice of paradise in the Thousand Islands.
Watch the sun set over the Saint Lawrence from your blacony at Stone & South.