South-facing view from Stone & South's building site, 129 South St.

You’ve heard of the ‘Lake Effect’ — a weather phenomenon that happens near large bodies of water. But have you hear of the River Effect? We have.

The effects of living by the river are clear: great weather, good times, and stress-free relaxation.

A paved path beside the St. Lawrence River in Gananoque.

When you live by the water, there’s always a cool breeze in the summer — a gentle reminder that you’re only a few steps from swimming, boating, and the shoreline. The water keeps the heat from being unbearable, and provides that bit of freshness in spring and fall. In winter — if you haven’t flown south — the water is a skating rink, a blue gem among the snow.

Yachts and sailboats lined up in the Gananoque Municipal Marina.

All of the best festivals are by the river, as well. Gananoque has an active waterfront, filled with year-round events that include everything from cycling to boating to art. Last week, the annual Nickel Cup hydroplane races whizzed by. Throughout the year, you can find the waterfront filled with pirates, music concerts, local artisans, and great food. Anything you could possibly want can be found in Gananoque — and even more unique festivals, destinations, and fun can be found a short drive or float up the river.

A water view of Gananoque's Thousand Island Playhouse, Stone & South's next door neighbour.

Living by the water is also relaxing. Especially at Stone & South, where you have the ability to simply lock your front door and walk out to high-end entertainment or a laid-back cottage type of fun, the waterfront brings a sort of calm to everyday. Just the beauty and serenity of being so close to nature and being able to watch the peaceful movement of the tide is relaxing. Feeling the breeze coming off the water or opening your balcony door to watch the sun rise over the blue horizon helps everyone remember where the peace is in your day.

A picture from our travels on the St. Lawrence River.

So, have you found the River Effect yet? If not, stop by our Discovery Centre and learn what we have learned about life on the St. Lawrence River.

90% of Stone & South's suites have a view like this, looking out over the St. Lawrence River.