Who is Tarion? Tarion is a not-for-profit independent corporation that oversees new home warranty protection in Ontario. Every new home builder in Ontario must be registered with Tarion to sell homes and must offer a warranty on homes according to the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act (commonly known as ONHWPA).
Why is Tarion involved in your purchase and why would you need to know that?
129 Stone Street, Stone & South's building site
Well, the answer is simple. Tarion is what protects you  when you purchase a new home. On behalf of the government, Tarion makes sure that your home builder completes their inspections properly and is competent, protects your deposit and closings, and provides you with a proper warranty on your new home so that you have a place to go if something goes wrong.
Pinchin Environmental Testing on Stone & South's building site.
Your builder’s reputation with Tarion makes a big difference as to how much confidence you can place in your new home. Tarion will resolve warranty disputes and prosecute builders who are in the wrong, but it’s always best to have a builder with a trusted reputation.
Stone & South's building site, as work begins.
At Stone & South we’re very proud to have CaraCo Development Corporation as our builder. CaraCo is a registered builder with Tarion and they have a great reputation for quality and award-winning customer service. Butmost importantly they have a claims-free Tarion history since their incorporation in 1986, so you know that when you buy a home at Stone & South. you can buy with confidence.
Our team at CaraCo.