For those of you who know the history of 129 South Street, you’ll know that Stone & South’s building location was once a marina complete with gas fill up. What you may not know is that Stone & South is working hard to repair some of the damage that comes with the yearly wear-and-tear of hosting a marina for many years.

A rendering of Stone & South's terrace, overlooking the St. Lawrence River.

One of our first steps towards building is to rehabilitate the shoreline. We’ve been conforming with several layers government regulations to complete our shoreline rehabilitation and instate erosion control measures that will preserve our waterfront line for years to come.

129 Stone Street, Stone & South's building site

Once the rehabilitation has been completed, the existing water’s edge will be upgraded to form a new shoreline and also to create a continuous public walkway. Currently, there are plans to add this public walkway to Gananoque’s extensive and well-maintained trail system, making it part of the beautiful natural space that defines the Thousand Islands. The walkway design and landscaping will be created in conformance to Town regulations, and with our residents and their needs in mind.

West-facing view from Stone & South's building site, 129 South St.

Stone & South wants you to enjoy your waterfront for years to come — and we want everyone to be able to experience the beauty of the Thousand Islands. Find the river right outside your doorway, on the well-maintained shores of the beautiful St. Lawrence.
An exterior rendering of Stone & South, including the private marina.