New Year's Fireworks.

Canada is a large and diverse country so it should be no surprise that Canadian traditions surrounding New Year’s Eve are diverse as well. Many of us celebrate by going to parties or social events and or watch some of the festivities taking place in large cities all over the world.

Two glasses of wine beside candles and a pine tree.

Many people celebrate by attending New Year’s parties on New Year’s Eve. Some people prefer to have a quiet night at home, or a special breakfast on the first day of the New Year. In rural areas of Quebec, the tradition is to go ice-fishing. Television and radio feature comedy specials and other programming designed to ring in the New Year and review the events of the old one. Household traditions are as varied as people are; everyone seems to have a different tradition unique to them.

This year in Gananoque, the Firehall Theatre is hosting a rock and roll party with champagne and local food as well as musical performances. No matter if you’re out at a party, celebrating from home, following a time-honoured tradition, or creating a new one, we hope you have fun! And all of us at Stone & South wish you and yours the very best in the New Year.

A skyline view of the St. Lawrence River from 129 South St.