A blue recycling bin full of recyclables.
Are you going green in 2018? With new government incentives, the overwhelming popularity of green products, and the savings involved, going green just sort of makes sense. Nowadays you can find green products ranging from plant-based soaps to plastic-free cling wrap which are designed to make life easier, cheaper, and greener all at once.
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Some tips for green living include replacing plastic with natural materials, recycling and composting regularly, and reducing landfill waste by participating in recycling programs for furniture and electronics. More extreme green movements are even tending towards ‘waste-free’ households — homes that produce no landfill waste at all, only recycling, reusable donations, and compost.
The Nest smart thermostat, one of the thermostats eligible for GreenON rebates.
While some people may find going waste-free too extreme, we all like to do our part and also reap the benefits. GreenON is offering free eco-friendly advice to all Ontario citizens, as well as offering incentives for Ontario home owners. One easy incentive that caught our eye was the rebate on smart thermostats — one of the hot home trends right now. These rebates are offered to house and condo owners alike.
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