Lavender and cleaning supplies.

It’s not quite warm enough to go outside without bundling up, but winter is slowly melting away. It’s the perfect time to spring clean! But where to begin?

Start with downsizing. Take a look at your closet, your bookshelves, and your furniture, and decide what you’re using and what is just clutter. When you’ve weeded out the dead weight, you can sell it or donate it to give it a new place to call home.


Two round rocks balanced on top of each other.

Got something that you aren’t using but don’t want to throw away? Upcycle it! Old tables can become plant stands, old pictures can become a collage, and old teacups can become an herb garden. The rainy months are a perfect time for a DIY project, and you’ll be ready to show off your finished work right as summer begins.

Last but not least — clean! Don’t forget places like cabinet doors, bookshelves, the outside of your windows, glass balconies, and patio furniture. Scrub away the winter and feel fresh and renewed for spring!

A sponge, scrubbing side up.