Flower painting in fall colours
There’s been a lot of art in the Thousand Islands this fall! If you’ve missed some of the fantastic events this month, here’s a review of the fall colours — paint colours, that is.
1000 Islands Plein Air Festival
Sponsored by Stone & South, this was Gananoque’s celebration of local art and talent. The Thousand Islands Plein Air Festival highlighted the museums, art groups, dance, and theatre that are the foundation of the rich culture in Gananoque and the Thousand Islands in three days of wonderful displays and incredible events!
Jammin’ in the 1000 Islands
A local favourite, Jammin’ in the Thousand Islands is a sidewalk sale and music festival that fills the town with music. Local musicians play in shops and restaurants, parks, and every other unlikely venue in town to share the joy of music and the charm of Gananoque with everyone.
Guitarists playing in the street.
Heather Haynes Gallery Show
Local Artist Heather Haynes is well known to the Gananoque community. Her inspiring art shows are a great place to find your new favourite work of art or the perfect piece for your space. If you haven’t been down to the gallery yet, you haven’t missed it! The show is on until November 2nd.
Before the Rush Show
The yearly Before the Rush Show has both art and artisan items for everyone’s taste and style. Artwork, furniture, hand-painted linens — it can all be found in a three-day show at the Ivy Restaurant & Coach House from October 27th to 29th.
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Thousand Islands Plein Air Festival 2017