A coffee cup that looks like it's smiling.
A good cup of coffee is an essential part of many people’s mornings. Fortunately for all of us java lovers, Gananoque has some great coffee shops and breakfast stops!
The Purple House Cafe is hard to miss. But it’s not just the bright colours that have people coming back — they also have great food and great service. The highlights of their menu include wood-fired pizza, but they’ve also got great coffee.
Hot Roast Company offers a big selection of all-day breakfast treats, some delicious lunch, and great coffee. Plus they have a bakery full of beautiful cakes and cupcakes, and a selection of ice cream and milkshakes to help with the summer cool-down.
Laverne’s Eatery was once the beloved Socialist Pig Coffeehouse. After a change in name and a shift in ownership, they’ve redesigned to be more of a rounded restaurant with a seasonal menu — but they still have fantastic coffee! Pair a cup of their brew (coffee or alcohol) with a locally sourced meal and you’ve got a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner ahead of you.
Coffee being poured at the Socialist Pig Coffeehouse in Gananoque.